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Condolence Letter to Employee

Condolence letters are written on the very unfortunate incident of death of any relative or known person. Employees are very essential asset of company he gives his faithful services to the company. Company becomes able to make his position in market only because of the hard work of employee. So, it is the immense duty of company to help him or his family in his hard time. Condolence letter to employee will give him little comfort and will help him to come out of the sorrow of death.

Take a look at the sample below in which condolence letter is written by the company on death of his employee to his wife.


Newgen Software Limited



Sharon D. Perez

2882 Burnside Avenue
Logan, UT 84321

September 8, 2010

Dear Madam

We are very sad to know about the death of your husband Late Mr. James K. Perez. He was very hand working and faithful employee of our company and we will really miss him. He was a very nice and wonderful person and we will always remember him in our thoughts.

We know the situation at your end and we pray to God for your well being. You have a young child and we know that both of you will have to face a tough life in future. We are always ready to help you. At this moment we are giving you a little help by donating amount of $1000. You can collect it anytime from our office.

Team Newgen


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