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Charity Fund Raising Letter

An invitation to business men and people who really help such charitable trusts during their fundraising programs is really necessary. These letters are an invitation to such big shots in encouraging them to donate good amount of money to help these helpless. Sometimes such letters also require the conformations of their attendance. It is always appreciated if a reply is given to such invitations for their presence either by email or by a telephonic reply.

Mr. Top Toe

Vice President

Toe Companies Pvt. Ltd

Dear Mr. Top Toe,

This letter is in interest of raising funds for orphans and poor children who really require a shelter and good education. I being the head of this charity program invite you for a campaign and a big exhibition cum charity fund raising program. This program is going to be held on this Sunday 22ST August at 9:00 a.m.

We as a trust and an organizing committee would appreciate your presence and your involvement in helping these orphans. The entire program agenda is sent along with this letter.

We will wait for you positive reply and would appreciate your conformation for attending this program. Do email us your conformation on charitytrust@

Thanks & Regards,

Minny George.


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