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Invitation Letter for Dinner

Summary: This is a letter being sent by the head of a society to all its members. The society has decided to hold a Christmas dinner party to celebrate along with Santa Claus.

To make the party lively they have arranged for a fancy dress competition. The society head is urging all its members to take part in the party to make it a success.


Mrs. & Mr. Ram Kumar Thakur

Green View Society

Lala Lajpatrai Street


Uttar Pradesh

10th October 2010

Dear Mrs. & Mr. Thakur

In this festive season, we would like to take the opportunity to invite you to a Christmas dinner party this coming 25 December 2010. On behalf of the members of the Green View Society, I have arranged a late night dinner party to be held inside the premises of the society itself.

The auspicious night will be spent in the company of Santa Claus. We have decided to have a fancy dress competition on the eve of the party. The couple who wins the competition will be gifted with a special dinner coupon for New Year’s Eve by the society.

In order to spread the spirit of goodwill and happiness we look forward to you participation. We hope you will take part in the event to make it a great success.

Thanks and regards

Mr A. Tirthankar

Society Head, Green View Society

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