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Marriage Invitation Letter

Summary: The day a couple is married is a very special day for them. They want to invite lots of close people and writing a marriage invitation letter is best way for this. The presence of family, friends, and all who are special to the couple makes the ceremony even more special and memorable. A marriage invitation letter is one way to let special people know about this grand event. If you are writing a marriage invitation letter, make sure to do it right by following the sample we have below.


James Garbin

Los Angeles


Dear James,

Mr. Simon Spark and Mrs. Joahna Spark is delighted to invite you to witness the marriage of their lovely daughter Antonia Spark to Arnold Paint the son of  Mr. Anthony Paint and Mrs. Liza Paint. The ceremony will take place on March 12, 2009, a Saturday at exactly 8:00 AM at the Royal Gardens in Oklahoma. Reception will follow at around 12 noon, lunch time, at the their restaurant.

Best Regards,

Simon and Joahna Sparks and Family
Please consider this card as your formal invitatio and we hope to have you in witnessing this very memorable event in ou daughter’s life.

Thank you so much.

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