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Direct Marketing Letter

Summary: A good product such as a credit card needs a good direct marketing letter. It will make your product known and sales will be growing more and more before you know it. Therefore, if you want your sales to increase then be on top with a good marketing letter. Here is one that you can use.

February 16, 2008

Ms. Anne Swift
345 Sixth Street

Dear Ms. Swift:

Each of us prefers to have discounts on what we buy. A 50% off the price is a very good offer. For a better shoppingnexperience, do it with the Mesopotamia shopping credit card and it will be your good ally. I you feel a lot better when you shop, Mesopotamia chopping card is a necessity for you. Like me, I have a scheduled shopping for clothes and household needs, after all women are known for this. As an additional offer, you will get extra credits for a days shopping through accumulation of your points in using this card.

The cards works just like existing cards but savings is more with us. If you decide to get one for youself then please feel free to reach us through our webpage or call (500) at any preferred time and get instant Mesopotamia shipping credit card. Once you decide, we will have our agents process your application within half a day.

Yours Truly


Savings Bank Marketing Manager

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