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Product Marketing Letter

Summary: A product-marketing letter is a very good srategy in endorsing your product in the market. A good letter really helps in marketing new product as this can constantly remind the one who receives the letter about your product. If you need a pattern for this kind of letter, please feel free to check the letter below.

December 11, 2009

Dear Consumers,

Let me give you some of the reasons why you should choose Softy Soap over other soap brands in the market.

Until now, mothers are burdened with their children getting sick after playing the whole day wherein sometimes necessitating bringing them to the hospital. Children, playful as they are, get to be in contact with bacteria through the toys that they play with and the place where they love to play. In this way, play is never fun at all since it is their health that is compromised.

Those who have already tried using Softy Soap could attest to the quality of our product. It has a very good antibacterial property and makes the skin soft and fragrant. Softy Soap is available in our friendly retailers or grab the chance of starting your own business by being a distributor. Please feel free to visit us at Seaside Street.

Mrs. Rebecca Strong,

Marketing Director,

Softy Group of Companies

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