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A Goodbye Letter is not as simple as it sounds. A person who writes a Goodbye Letter is writing because s/he is leaving some place or organization where s/he likes to be. The reason for leaving however may differ from person to person. A Goodbye Letter is usually written with mixed feelings – heavy heart for leaving one place but excitement for the unknown new place.

A Goodbye Letter should be short and crisp. A lengthy letter does not keep the attention of the reader for too long. The tone of the letter should be such that the reader gets the feeling that the writer is not happy to leave. It should definitely not sound like “good ridden to bad rubbish”. A Goodbye Letter should be written just about a day or two before leaving because it is the last communication of the writer with her/his colleagues.

A Goodbye Letter should only talk about the leaving aspect of the writer. No other issues should be talked about it in that letter. The writer must ensure that due credit and thanks must be given to the people deserving them. Their support and efforts should be appreciated.


  • A Goodbye Letter should be written just a couple of days before leaving
  • Only the reason for leaving should be talked about in the letter
  • Do not get personally at any colleague in this letter
  • The tone in the letter should sound that of unhappiness but helplessness
  • A Goodbye Letter should always be short and crisp
  • Sharing the reason for leaving and writing the letter is optional
  • If the writer wants to acknowledge the efforts or support of anyone then it should be done in this letter
  • This is a very sensitive letter both for the reader as well as the writer, so careful use of adjectives should be ensured
  • Always check the letter for any grammatical or punctuation errors
  • A Goodbye Letter can be generally addressed to everyone rather than any specific individual



Dear All

It is time for me to move on so with a very heavy heart I wish to say goodbye to all of you. Since tomorrow is my last working day in this organization, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my superiors who have helped me grow as a person and as a professional. I would also like to thank all my colleagues for their untiring support and displaying their faith in me.

I hate to leave but since my family and I are relocating to ____________ (new place), I guess I have to go. I shall miss each one of you and hope to see you again in some corner of the world.

You can always stay in touch with me by calling me up at ______________ (mobile number) or writing to me at ______________ (email address) and you will always find me there.

Take care and thanks once again.

_______________ (name of the person)

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