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Introduction Letter – Sample Introduction Letter

Every new contact, be it a person or an organization, needs an introduction. It is absolutely essential that the world is made aware of the existence of something new. The new thing could be a product or a service that is now being made available. A new organization needs an introduction and so does a new product or service by an existing organization.

An Introduction Letter should broadly give details about the product/service that has been launched, what are its benefits and where all will it be available. One must remember that it is not a sale letter so no efforts should be made to try and sell any product of the company. The prime focus of the Introduction Letter should be only on the new product or service and not on the other pre-existing products of the organization.

An Introduction Letter should first give a brief about the organization that is launching the product/service and then it should give the salient features of the product/service. A number or address for contacting should also be mentioned on the letter.


  • An Introduction Letter should only talk about the product/service that it is intended to promote
  • It should always give a brief introduction of the organization first
  • After the organization’s introduction the letter should talk about the product/service and its salient features
  • An Introduction Letter should be written as a pre-launch of the product, i.e. it should precede the entry of the product in the market
  • Any pre-existing products/services should not be talked about in the Introduction Letter because this letter is very product/service specific
  • Make sure that a contact address and number is also there in the letter so that interested parties can contact for more details
  • Before the letter is sent out check for any grammatical or punctuation errors
  • An Introduction Letter should preferably be on a company letterhead to prove the authenticity of the launch


Dear Readers

______________ (name of the organization) has been into the telecom sector for the last ________ (number of years) and most of you are its customers. You have trusted our brand and have helped us grow to what it is today.

We very proudly introduce a new chain of retail outlets by the name ____________ (name of chain of outlets) that our organization is launching. These outlets will provide general day-to-day merchandise to you at your local shopping complexes at most competitive rates. At present we will be opening ________ (number of new outlets being opened) and will add _______ (number to be added) every month.

Your feedback will be of utmost importance so please shop at any of our outlets and feel free to call us on our toll free number ___________ or you can write to us on _______________ (email address).

We promise to serve you better always.

Management Team

_______________ (name of the organization)

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