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Letter to Accompany Financial Donation

Dear Name

Yesterday I happened to go through the appeal you had made in the newspaper regarding people suffering from recent floods. My heart poured out to the kids and women who do not have shelter food and water and the basic necessity. It’s amazing ho the volunteers of your organization are helping them rebuild there lives. I appreciate the dedication and commitments of the people of your organization are helping those affected in the floods with food shelter home ad employments. It’s wonderful to read that the funds you received was utilized for basic necessities of the people suffering and you already started building the houses for them. It’s very touching to see how people are coming in large numbers to support you.

I strongly support your mission and I am sending a check of _________ amount .Though it is not a very huge amount but I am sure might help you in some way. Please let me know if I can be of any help other than donatioms.i am interested to help as a volunteer after office hours. Please contact at_____________ if you need any support.


Your name

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