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Donation Letter – Sample Donation Letter

Helping someone is serving the Almighty. The helping can be of any kind, it will only bring smiles in everyone life. Asking for donation is simply asking others to support in your noble cause. When writing a donation letter specifies your goal clearly for which you are writing the letter.

Here is a sample donation letter:

April 19th, 2010

Martha Jacob,

26, Church Lane,


Dear Mrs. Jacob,

I am writing you on behalf of Little Angles. Little Angles is a non government organization established in the year 2002 with a vision of helping special children to get socially accepted. We have our center at Frankfurt where we train and educate these children. We have a team of highly skilled psychiatrists, neurologists, teachers and co-workers, who have the experience of years to deal with these special children. We believe that these children need our special attention and little care to get adapt with their surroundings. They have some amazing attainments that make them entirely different from the common people and place them one step ahead. We strongly are in favor of bringing them in the main stream of life and by God’s grace we are constantly working for this from past 7 years.

On July 5th, Little Angles is celebrating its 7th anniversary with lending a foundation of its new building. We would greatly appreciate your help if you can contribute in any way in the establishment of our new building. In return for your generosity, we will mention your contribution in our newsletters and in our yearly magazine.

We are thankful to you for considering our request. If you have any questions or need further information, you can contact me.


Simon Li

Little Angles House,

Greater Street,



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