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Sympathy Letter- Sample Sympathy Letter

Life does not always give an opportunity to celebrate. There are sad moments in life also that one needs to cope up with. But it is during these sad moments that one needs loads of emotional support and strength. That support and strength comes from a Sympathy Letter.

A Sympathy Letter is the one that is written to tell the family in grief that there is someone always with them at this time. A Sympathy Letter is written by friends and known people to an individual or family whenever death or major accident has taken place. A Sympathy Letter should be written as soon as the writer hears the news of the mishap in the family. It is a very sensitive letter so utmost care needs to be taken to ensure that the right words are used. This is the time when the aggrieved family needs maximum support and assurance.

If the letter is being written to console a family on a death and the writer seems to know the person who has passed away, then a few words of praise for the departed soul help the reader and her/his family. And if the letter is being written to a person who has had an accident, then the writer should use words that can cheer her/him up. There is no need to always mention the word “sympathy” in the letter as that gives a feeling of being pitied.


  • A Sympathy Letter should be written as soon as the writer learns about an accident or death in the reader’s family
  • A few words of praise for the departed soul always helps the aggrieved family cope with the loss better
  • A few words of encouragement giving strength to the member who has met up with an accident works wonders
  • A Sympathy Letter should always indicate to the reader and her/his family that the writer and her/his family are always there when needed
  • Careful use of words and adjectives forms the life of a Sympathy Letter
  • A handwritten Sympathy Letter always has a warmer impact than a typed one
  • The urgency of a Sympathy Letter can be judged whether it has been hand delivered or couriered or sent by regular post
  • Before finally sending the letter make sure that there are no grammatical or punctuation errors


(This is a letter written when the writer learnt about the accident)


Dear ____________ (name of the person who has met with the accident)

I have just learnt from ____________ (source) that you have met with an accident and are due for a surgery in a couple of days.

Hey buddy, not to worry, as we all are very confident that you will come out of this stronger than what you are. Each incident in your life has taught you something new and has toughened you as a human being. So it is your will power that will help you fight this also.

Our good wishes and support are always there with you. You have a friend in me in this part of the world that is just a shout away, so please do not hesitate to call me any time of the day.

My family joins me in wishing you a speedy recovery.

Take care and see you back home soon.


(Name of the writer)

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