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Proposal Letter Format

Summary: A sample of how a Proposal letter should be formatted with an impressive and convincing content body to get an opportunity to submit a proposal for the desired contract or award. Although formal in its format, the contents should read convincingly and holds attractive potential for the recipient to make a decision in the Proposer’s favor.

Yaseen Ragheb Hakimi

MahaMahal Services

Rue des Buissons 163
6800 Sainte-Marie-Chevigny

June 10th 2010

Dear Mr. Yaseen

Thank you for a wonderful visit to your Belgium office recently. I was impressed with the efficiency and dedication exhibited by your employees. I believe that your premise holds potential in capturing a bigger market share with the heavy business traffic in your city.

Serve You First organization is all about catering to the needs of businesses around the region with many branches. We believe we can help your company MahaMahal, make a stronger impact in your city with our contribution. We would appreciate the opportunity to submit a proposal for your consideration. You will find that Serve You First lives up to its name and reputation from the proposal and our services.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned for further information. We look forward to a further collaboration with your esteemed company.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Nadai Abdul

Project Manager


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