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Child Custody Reference Letter

Summary: Child Custody Reference Letter is done once there is a forthcoming child custody issue and there’s a letter that needs to be done by a mediator to endorse that the child is safe and in good hands. This might become visible in a case where you will have choices of offering substitute custody.

Leland D. Pfannenstiel

4749 Corpening Drive

Bloomfield Township, MI 48302

Dear Sir,

This is to affirm that Yuna Hazool is still living with her mother as the children’s court has predetermined. Her mother was given the custody after her father filed a petition to get custody of the child and was deprived of. The court thinks that Yuna still needs the care of her mother since she is in her decisive years, she stays with her mother until she is old enough to make a decision where she want to stay. Her mother has the potential and ability of raising her up alone and has passed the entire examination she needs to place forward for her to guarantee us and the court of her capabilities. This only shows that Yuna Hazool is definitely in good hands living with her mother. If you have any question about these dealings then feel free to contact as and we are pleased to answers of your wonders.

Sincerely Yours,

Maridel Rosell

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