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Nanny Reference Letter

Summary: Nanny Reference Letter is given for a certain individual who will be hired as a nanny. This person writes down an endorsement that acclaims the nanny as a good employer. This shows that the nanny has no wrong doings and does her jobs to the best of her ability.

Shauna P. Stanley

Trusted Nannies Incorporated

2189 Garfield Road

Bloomington, IL 61704

Dear Madam,

Jessica Sweet is a Nanny who loves by all of the children that she had attended for almost 23 years of work life. She is not only a professional nanny but also she knows the complex facts about raising a child in this modern time. She already receives so many honors in her profession as a nanny that was given to her by her previous employers. Some of the great things that she does is helping children that acquires troubled grades to improve through her watchful mentorship and go beyond her way to advise these children well into puberty and beyond on how to embrace life well. She is absolutely giving her best so that the children she is taking care of will learn the true value of life. She will definitely be a great help to you at what she had done to me. If you have any queries about her I am willing to answer all of those.

Truly Yours,

Myra Skinwhite

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