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Reference Letter from Neighbor


Neighbor reference letter is very essential if you are to apply for vital documents from various government and private offices and sectors. This is to prove that you are a very good and responsible individual as a resident in your place. In some ways, it can also contribute a lot in making the process of the documents that you need faster.

Officer in charge,

EQ Financial Assistance Office



To Whom It May Concern:

This is to inform you that Mr. Hatton has established his proof of residence. I have known Mr. Hatton as a neighbor for the past six years and he has been a resident in the fifth street #49 here in the village, Happy Homes Village, Arizona, USA. He had been a very nice and kind neighbor. Whenever mishaps or troubles happen in our village, he is one of the residents who always react positively.

He does not have any records fighting with our neighbors and there are also no any troubles in the village that involves his name. He is also one of the officers in our village and has been very helpful and supportive to all the programs and social services that were usually conducted to assist neighbors. He also has a very good and lucrative job as both a professor and an online freelance writer.

I believe that these things are good enough to refer him for requesting loan in your good office.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Marion Brooks

Government Administrative Office Clerk

Arizona, USA

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