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Sample Character Reference Letter

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that Mr. _________ has been working in a ______________ in our company from past five years. He is a wonderful human being and is a very well behaved personality. During these past five years, he has never taken an unplanned leave or was involved in any malpractices. He is someone liked very much by his team mates and also people from other departments. He has excellent knowledge and is very good in his work and completes his work on time.

He has no other bad habits and is never involved in any kinds of argument. During his tenure, the department has not had any problems with him. He has a very helpful nature and is there for any of his team mates at the time of need. He is very committed towards work and tries to achieve perfection constantly. He is very particular in completing his everyday work on time and has taken up the responsibility of keeping the office atmosphere clean and persuades his teammates and other staffs do so. Besides the work he is an active participant of the cultural club and does all the club works with enthusiasm and energy. His friendly nature is very popular across the company. In all he is an asset to the company, and we regret that he is leaving us but we also assure you that he will prove to be the best person for the position.

We wish him all the best for future.


Your name.

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