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Salary Hike Request Letter

Dear Sir,

You must be aware that I have completed two years in your company and I am sure you would agree that during this period I haven’t taken any of the unplanned leaves or was involved in any malpractices’. I have performed way beyond your expectation with respect to the targets and had been very consistent in my performance which you and judge from my performance records. I also was available for any extra responsibilities and had worked extra hours as and when you wanted me. I had proactively asked for more responsibilities and I have always done the job as per your requirement .I also came in for weekends when you required completing the projects given to me even when the team members refused to come.

After being said all this i would appreciate if I get a salary hike with a promotion. I believe that I have proven to be one among the best employees and if given an opportunity I will feel that my loyalty and dedication has been recognized and I have got advancement in my career. It will also motivate and inspire me to do better and I can do better service to the company.

I would like to have a discussion with you where I can explain my points clearly and convince you how I can be more helpful to the company. I hope you take this request seriously.

Waiting for reply soon

Yours sincerely,

Your name.

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