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Request Letter – Salary Request Letter

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This is to bring to your notice that this month also my salary has not been credited in my account. I have been facing this problem from past three months and would like to tell you that I am staying alone and I have to pay the rent by the 5th of every month and i also have expenditures. This is very annoying and I did inform about this last month also, I checked with the bank and they in turn told me that there is some problem from the finance department of our company and It has to be rectified by them.

As per your instruction I wrote a mail to the finance manager and explained my problem and he ascertained that going forward this would not happen. It’s already tenth of the month and very disturbing for me as I cannot concentrate on my work as I have all my bills piled up and the landlord is getting annoyed. I request you to please look into the matter and solve it. Please credit my salary for this month as soon as possible.

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