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Board Resignation Letter

Summary: This is a sample resignation letter from a Board member informing the Board Chairman of the former’s intention to step down from the Board as a Member with a specific time. The reason for stepping down is stated clearly and expressed with regret. Well wishes for the future of the Company are stated.

Kenneth P. Jablonski

55 Hill Street

16th July 2010

The Chairman

Smart Movers Pvt. Ltd.

91 Frouds Road

Dear Chairman of the Board,

I write with regret to inform you of my decision to step down from the Board of this Company, Smart Movers Pvt. Ltd., as a Board Member with immediate effect. As such, kindly remove my name from any Board documentations from this time forth.

I wish to clarify that the reason for my sudden decision to step down from the Board is that I feel that my contribution to the Board and the Company is limited. Instead of prolonging my tenure on the Board, and holding back the Company’s greater productivity, it is, in my opinion, a better decision to resign from the Board as soon as possible.

I believe that the company with its currently dedicated team of Board Committee would bring the Company forward in leaps and bounds in its future undertakings.

Respectfully yours,

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