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Job Resignation letter

Summary: This letter is a simple form of notice as well as resignation letter. Here the person concern provides the full information with thanks of cooperation. The gentle plea of assistance for any service regarding the pending work is appreciable. You can follow this well-written job resignation letter for your purpose.

10 July 2008 

Dear Mrs. Millbrone: 


I am writing this letter is to inform you that I have a proposal to enable me to work in my preferred area of business, which was long awaited. I therefore wish to tender my resignation from my position here in the company at Sypone’s Printers and Stationers Company. I am giving two weeks time notice through this letter as my last day of employment will be 25 July 2008.

I am going into business with my partner. I am thankful to you for the support and guidance that I received while working with you at Sypone’s Printers and Stationers Company. 

Please keep in touch and contacts me at my ID bindi@gmail.co.in and my telephone Number is + 030 26589. In case you need my assistance in any pending paperwork, please call on me with no hesitation. 

Yours sincerely, 

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