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Resignation Letter for Health Reason


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Dear Name,

It’s with great sadness I submit resignation as the Vice Principal of the school effective date from past one month my health is deteriorating and will not be able to concentrate on my work .I have always enjoyed my work and this was a difficult decision for me. I have been a patient of arthritis for some years and now I am not able to do normal household chores also. I decided to wait as I will not be able to concentrate as much as I used to do before and family also wants me to resign .I had decided to work till retirement but you must be aware that it’s just few years for my retirement but my health is not helping me do that.

I thank you for your guidance and support and I take this as an opportunity to thank all my teachers and colleagues for their support and friendship throughout my tenure. This is not very easy for me but I am happy that I will be with my children and family for rest of my life. I have gained lot personally and professionally from this school.

I am so proud to say that I am retiring from the school which has produced the best students who had become engineers, doctors and are in the top position in many of the companies.

Thanks again for you cooperation and support for so many years.


Your Name.

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