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Resignation Letter From Workplace Sample

Resigning from the work place where a person has been working for a long time is usually traumatic for the person. But sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, a person has to resign from his job. Such a letter should be very concise and the reason for resignation should be clearly mentioned.

Here is a sample resignation letter:


Rupert Douglas

1845, Birch Tree Lane,

Dale Street,



The Chairman

Global HiTech Research and Development Centre

6th Avenue,


3rd July, 2010

Ref: Resignation from the post of Director

Dear Sir,

It is with a heavy heart that I am hereby tendering my resignation from the post of Director. The reason is that I have to relocate to Los Angeles. You are well aware that my father passed away last month. He had a successful business there. After his death there is no one to run his business. It is now my responsibility.

Thus it is of top priority that I go and take up the reins of his business. It will not be possible to work long distance. Hence I decision to resign from the job. It is with a sad heart that I am doing so. After working for so many years with this firm, I have a special attachment with all of you. I will surely miss the easy rapport that I had with all.

I request you to kindly issue me an experience certificate and my dues.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,

Rupert Douglas

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