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Resignation Letter – Sample Resignation Letter

Hiring and resignation are two sides of the same coin. Both hiring and resignation cannot do without each other. An organization gives a Hiring Letter to an individual at the time of offering the job to her/him and the individual gives a Resignation Letter to an organization at the time of leaving the job. The reasons for leaving a job and giving a Resignation Letter however could be many. Such as health issues, transfer to another city/country, another job offer.

A Resignation Letter is always an official one because an individual will write it for her/his organization that s/he is planning to resign from. So the language of the letter should also sound official. No friendly and casual words should be used. Efforts should be made to ensure that the letter is short and crisp so that it just communicates the resignation part to the individual or HR department. Do not target to attack the organization or an individual in the organization for any other grievance whatsoever.

Make sure that there are no punctuation or grammatical errors in the letter. The letter should be addressed to the correct person responsible for accepting such letters on behalf of the organization. The date when the resignation is being rendered should always be written on the letter. This is important because of the notice period that any employment has attached to it. The date when the individual will leave charge should be clearly mentioned on the letter. The reason for leaving or resigning however may or may not be very clearly mentioned in the letter. It is totally the prerogative of the person who is resigning.


  • Since a Resignation Letter is an official one, the tone should also be official. There should be no casual tone attached with the letter
  • A Resignation Letter should always have the date when it is being given.
  • The date by when the individual wants to be relieved should also be clearly mentioned on the letter
  • It is always good etiquettes to ask the organization about the person to whom the charge will need to be handed over
  • The letter should be short and to the point
  • Ensure of no grammatical or punctuation errors
  • The reason of leaving may or may not be shared with the organization
  • Always leave the contact details on the letter just in case there is a need for the organization to contact you
  • It should be addressed to the concerned person who is in-charge of accepting the resignation


Name and address of person who is resigning

Name and address of person to whom the resignation is being given


Subject: Resignation

Dear Ms/Mr ______________

Due to personal reasons I have decided to move on therefore please accept my resignation from the post of ______________ (designation). I would like to be relieved of my services by ____________ (date). I am aware that the organization has a notice period clause of one month, so this may please be considered as my notice period.

It has indeed been a great pleasure working and being associated with an organization of repute like yours. I have learnt a lot individually and professionally. I am thankful to all those who I have interacted with for being such support to me.

I can always be contacted at _______________ (phone number) or you can write to me at _____________ (email address) for any queries. Please do let me know who do I need to hand over the charge to.

Best regards,

_____________ (your name)

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