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Sample Resignation Letter for Personal Reason

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Dear Sir,

It is with regret that I am informing you that I will be resigning from the post of a chief accountant effective (date). I love my job and responsibilities but family is my priority. Initially, when I came to know that I am pregnant I never thought of resigning and had made other plans but now after the birth of my daughter feel scared to leave her to the maid servant and would like to take care of her.

I will be very grateful for you for all the achievements and experience, I acquired under your guidance and supervision. I am thankful to you for your confidence in me and given me the best of opportunity to grow. The opportunity I received in this company is immense, and I am really feeling bad to leave the company. I regret this decision but my current situation forces me to take this decision. I am thankful to all my colleagues and hope you will write a favorable recommendation letter. If in case there is any issue, which is till not resolved, and if you would like to talk to me, please feel free to call me at this contact number______________,

Yours sincerely,

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