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Retirement Request Letter

As we know official letters are very much popular these days. Some them being recruitment letter, reference letter, termination letter and recommendation letter. One of them that are most important among all the others is retirement letters. This type of letter is written by an official to an elder or senior official informing him that he has been set free from all the kind of duties of the company. The letters also have many types some are written by to the official who are being retired and some are written by the employee asking for retirement. These letters should be written with an extra care and precision. All the details should be given. Why one person is asking for a retirement, this basic question should be properly answered while writing a letter asking for retirement.

  • The letter should be thoroughly checked for any type of spelling or grammatical mistake. It is a letter that is written by a professional, and hence mistakes are not acceptable.
  • The letter should show a sense of respect as it is written to a senior.
  • The letter should provide all kind of details regarding the payment.
  • The letter should mention the terms of the receiver’s service.

Retirement Request Letter Template

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Date: __________ (The letter was written on this date by the sender)


Subject: Request of the retirement letter

Respected Sir,

The letter is written to request retirement. It is my humble request to clear my form asking for retirement. I have been working in this very institute for almost two and a half decade now. I am growing old and am facing lot of physical problems. It had become hard for me to work in this kind of environment.

I hope my request will be taken seriously and will be fully enquired. Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Name and Signature


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Retirement Request Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format


__________ (Name of the sender)
__________ (designation of the sender)
__________ (Address of the sender)

Date: __________ (Date the letter is written by the sender)

__________ (Name of the receiver)
__________ (Designation of the receiver)
__________ (Address of the receiver)

Subject: Letter requesting voluntary retirement by the sender

Respected Sir,

This letter is written to ask for a voluntary retirement from your company. It has been almost two decades working with your company. You know that I am getting old and I want to spend some time with my family.

As per my all payment details, it has already been cleared up. I hope my request will be looked after by you. Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,


Name and signature


Email Format

4th October 2010

Mr. Williams,

Heritage Insurance Corporation,

Dear Williams,

This letter is to corroborate my notification of retirement, which takes effect from 15 October ’10, with Heritage Insurance Company from the post Director Finance. It gives me immense please to state that I joined the company way back as a junior executive and rose to the post of Director in the department of finance. However, it would not have been possible had the management not given its full support all through my tenure.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the management for their support, which has been an important factor in my career. In addition, the company keeps on prospering in the years to come my sincere wish. I will ever cherish the memory of my association with the organization for the rest of my life.

You are requested to accept my notice of retirement formally.

Yours sincerely,

Ronald Johnson


Retirement Request Letter Generator

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