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Retirement Wishes Letter

Summary: The letter is written by the colleague of the person retiring from the office to offer him the best wishes and peaceful life after retirement. In this, the writer mentions the support provided by him during his tenure and offers his thanks for it.

Mr. Keith Reynolds

Director- Technical Department

Global Companies Ltd

Dear Mr. Reynolds,

It is indeed a matter of great happiness that you are going to retire timely as Director- Technical Department from Global Companies Ltd. on 17th August 2009. It is one of the moments where I cannot express my thoughts and happiness.

It will be difficult to work in the office without you. I will miss you a lot, as you have been my favourite colleague in Technical Department. As you know my retirement is also due in four months, I would like to thank you for the unconditional support that you have provided me.

My best wishes are with you for happy and peaceful life.

Please be in touch on face book or you can call me on 3243 564 6534 any time. Do provide me your new contact address.

Yours Friend,

Michel Stewart

Director- Sales and Marketing


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