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Writing a Retirement Letter

Summary: The letter describes how to write a professional retirement letter. It mentions the ingredient essential for a retirement letter as now it is sent only after discussing other concerned topics with the employer. Hence, it should be well written to end the job with pleasant impression on employer’s mind.

There was a time, when an employer had to go through several processes to ensure the process of retirement smoothly.  However, today, it is seen that the employees first discuss about their funds and dues and about relieving of charges and at last write an official retirement letter. Hence, there are some rules are formulated to write a retirement letter, which are as follow:-

The format should be clear.

The names, designation of the employer and the name of the company should be written at top on left side.

The employer should always be addressed with utmost respect with MR.\ MRS\ MS.

Mention the details of position including your name with the reason of writing the letter. Explain the cause of retirement.

Do mention about your pleasant experiences in the tenure. Also, tell something about your plans.

Do not forget to wish success and growth to the employer as well as the organisation.

The letter should be closed by offering regards.

At last, mention your name, designation and website if it is available.


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