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Announce A Hiring Freeze

The announcement letter of hiring freeze is written when the company stops to hire the new candidates because of the recession in the market. The letter contains the guidelines given by the Human resources department. This type of letter is written in a completely clear cut manner.

Some tips to write a good sample credit letter

  1. Mention all the guidelines those are furnished by the human resource department. Mention the reason clear-cut, why you have stopped hiring the fresh candidates.
  2. Write the letter in a very polite manner. Make use of particular words.
  3. Write the expectations of the higher management. Write that the co-operation of the staff is all that is required.

Announce A Hiring Freeze Sample









Subject: announce a hiring freeze

Dear Sir/ Madam.

This is with reference to the recruitment of the new candidates in our company. The training and placement of the fresher’s are kept on hold due to the recession and the economic break down. The company has to stop the new appointments as the company had a huge loss in the recent budget and as a result company has also lost many good clients. The management has given the instructions to all the departments to make use of their existing staff strength and put to use the present-day human strength and wealth. To implement the same, the human resources department has given certain guidelines; some of them are as below

  1. No requirements, no new appointments.
  2. Keep a watch on the improvement of employees.
  3. All staff of HR must give their report to the higher management within a period of five days.
  4. The management hopes that all the staffs give their best while working.



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