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Announce an Employee Training Session

Dear team,

Starting Monday there would be a training session from morning 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. everyone should be present since and it is the course on the software we are uploading for our work. Going forward we would be using this software for our entire office work .I request everyone to be present for the training program. Please do not take any leaves during this time, it’s a one week program and I will appreciate you take the maximum advantage of the training and clear all your doubts as we won’t be having any one to help us once the training is over.

I would appreciate if all of you take the training seriously and utilize the time given to you as there would be a knowledge test after every session and this would go into your personal file. The trainer is an experienced person and is someone who is the best in the company. I am sure you will enjoy the training with him and he would clearly explain each and every aspect of the training. We have segregaated the team to two batches. Please call me and check which batch you belong to. If you have any problems regarding the training please contact the HR at ___________.


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