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Appeal Letter to Alumni

Appeal letter to alumni is written with the purpose of events or things related to the student community who studied together and shared their educational experiences. It can be for some get together or celebrating some special events. It can also be an initiative from the college officials to arrange any special project or programmes for which they seek the assistance or aid in the form of money from the former students of the college.

Tips for writing appeal letter to alumni

  • The letter should express the sense of brotherhood and togetherness
  • It should have a common appeal still a personal touch
  • It should specifically state the purpose for which the assistance is being sought
  • The letter should specify the need for celebrating such an event
  • The letter should state that how it is going to enhance the fame of the college in the society
  • State clearly how the participation of that particular person is going to make a remarkable difference in the ensuing event
  • The letter should have the touch of sincerity and dedication
  • Explain in detail the estimated amount for the particular programme
  • State specifically how much do you expect from the person concerned
  • You can also make a general statement with regard to payment expectation

Appeal Letter to Alumni Sample


Respected Sir/Madam,

A great auspicious occasion has dawned upon our academic institution and we are celebrating the golden jubilee of our college. Students like you who studied in this college and who are the pride of this college can contribute a lot to its successful completion. The eventful bygone years have made the college rich in its contributions to the society around it. This has been done by introducing new courses and making the students prepared for a bright future through all these courses.

Yours sincerely,


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Meena Vani

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