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Appeal Letter to Financial Aid

Appeal letter to financial aid can be made to any authorities or persons requesting for the purpose of money donation or another aid. This can be written to government agencies as well. People write letters for reasons as different and as wide ranging as for getting the pension, help from the govt etc. Such letters are common in our day to day life as several correspondents are needed to get financial help.

  • State under which scheme you seek the financial help
  • State and enclose your eligibility documents
  • State clear for which project you need financial aid
  • State how this project is going to help you out
  • Clearly state the difficulties that you face without the monetary help
  • Pinpoint the attitude of the other authorities towards the particular thing

Appeal Letter to Financial Aid Template

Use our free Appeal Letter to Financial Aid to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.



Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)




Subject – _______________________(Mention the purpose)

Respected _______(Name)


I am _____ (Your Name) is requesting you to kindly provide me the widow pension which is due to me on account of my husband’s death. Now I have no other means of livelihood. I have two daughters who are unmarried and I want to get them married. In order to meet the daily expenses also I find it very difficult. Hence can I take this opportunity to make a kind appeal to you to kindly take action on this  and help me out from this difficult predicament.


We common people have no other ways to make things done other than approaching responsible officials like you who always support the common man’s issue. Hence I appeal to you to kindly understand my situation and provide me the financial aid that I am so deservingly eligible for.


Thanking you.



Name and signature

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Appeal Letter to Financial Aid Sample, Email and Example/Format


Respected Sir/Madam,


Hi this is to kindly acknowledge you that my husband who was in government service passed away last year due to an accident. He had 4 more years in the service. Six months after his death I came to know of the widow pension from the government and applied for the same. I approached several officials including the thahasildar and collector in this regard, but nothing worthwhile has been done in this regard. I have two daughters who are studying and unmarried. To meet the expenses and marry them off I need the pension on an immediate basis. And I hope you may understand the urgency of the situation I am in and may kindly help me out.

Hope you may get back to me at the earliest and do me favour


Yours sincerely,


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


Meena Vani

Email Format

This letter can be written for many purposes such as taking permission, seeking some help, or financial support. Making an appeal by writing an appeal letter is more accurate way then the traditional way of making an appeal. A person always writes an appeal letter addressing to that person who is superior. It can be formal or informal letter. It contains information about the receiver as well as about the writer.


Dear, Mrs. Brenda

I Ms. Kathleen G. McIntyre, I am a student of second year bachelor’s in commerce from St. Andrew’s College. My father was working with a garments company since 25 years and was a permanent employee of the company. But in the month of August, 2010 he got a paralysis act due to which he could not be able to move his body from one particular place. He was the sole earner of our family; my mother is a house wife. Since the company was a private firm there is no such benefit as pension a so on. We are 4 brothers and sisters and hence taking education for every one is very difficult. As I am the eldest one I want to complete my graduation as earlier as possible. So that I can help my family. Thus I am making an appeal to that if could make an arrangement of my current year’s and next year’s fees then it will be so kind of you.

Yours truly,

Ms. Kathleen G. McIntyre

1509 Adams Drive


Giddings, TX 78942


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