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Dismissal Appeal Letter

Appeal letters are those letters which are to be addressed for taking any kind on help from the person whom you are writing this letter. While making any appeal you should have proper reason for improper functioning and valid legal proof in term of evidence which will justify your reason. Appeal letters have to be written in a formal way of letter.

Mr. Anthony D. Hutchins

Chief Executive Officer- Human Resources

Magnetic Engineering Pvt. Ltd

2228 Clair Street

Killeen, TX 76543

02 September, 2010.


Dear, Mr. Hutchins

I have received a dismissal notice from the company and hence I am writing this dismissal appeal letter to you. On the date of 28th August, 2010 I was absent from the work before prior intimation and I had taken a leave on the subsequent days that is 29th and 30th August, 2010. On 28th August, 2010 in the morning my son who is 8 months old got sick. He had fever and got unconscious hence, we had to rush to the hospital immediately where he got admitted. As this was an emergency I had no chance to inform my seniors or respective head. I have all necessary hospital bills and medical reports with me which will prove that it was a serious issue. It’s my humble request to you that please cancel my dismissal and allow me to join the work as soon as possible.

Yours truly,

Mr. Jose N. Thompson

1342 Gandy Street

Syracuse, NY 13202

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