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Fund Raising Appeal Letter

These type of letters are usually written for raising funds for some noble cause. Normally, this is addressed to people who are generous and are genuinely interested in donations. These can also be written to wealth people and possible donors who would contribute willingly. The date of the programme on which it is organized, the purpose for raising the funds, any profitable interest that is dwelling or any publicity that has to be made should be written briefly.

  • The letter should be brief and to the point
  • The letter should highlight the exact cause for which the funds are needed
  • It should be written in a convincing tone
  • It should not demand or force or a person to donate
  • The date on which the fund raising programme is organized should be mentioned clearly.

Fund Raising Appeal Letter Template

Use our free Fund Raising Appeal Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)


Subject – _______________________(Mention the purpose)

Respected _______(Name)

I ____(your name) the secretary of _____(name of the organization) is writing this letter for making an appeal to you for making some contribution in the form of fund for an event that our organization has held on ___(date). The purpose is to help the poor students get all the basic educational rights and facilities. The approximate amount comes to around____(mention the amount). I hope you will support us like always. Hoping a positive reply from your side.

Thanking you



Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Fund Raising Appeal Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format





Subject: Redundancy appeal letter

Respected Sir,

We are immensely pleased for organizing our Global help fest since 9 years constantly now. We are quite privileged to have you as one of our contributors. You have not only contributed in terms of money but have also supported other activites which are necessary. You have helped us in all possible ways. As we have already spoken on telephone regarding this before, I am writing this letter for appealing you to act as a sponsor and donate some funds for the event which has been organized next month. Since this would be the 10th year now, some larger and bigger celebrations have been planned. Some special things are going to be held for reaching out to a larger crowd. However, this is possible only if people like you contribute generously to the cause.

Thanks and regards,

Helping Hands

Email Format

17th Sept’ 2010.

Subject: Request to put forward an appeal to raise funds for a noble cause.

Dear Mr. Murthy.

We find immense pleasure to organize our Helping Hands Fest in its ninth year in a row. It is an esteemed part to have privileged ones like you who beyond just contributing in monetary terms also support in all of our activities & do the needful in all the possible ways.

In relation to the recent telephonic conversation, making this appeal to fund & act as an associate sponsor for the said event to be scheduled in the next month.

Sir, in its ninth year we have planned for some bigger & larger celebrations for the special ones & reach out to the limitless crowd; which is only possible on the funds raised by generous ones like you.

Thanks & Regards,

Kartik Shetty.

(Authorized Signatory)

Fund Raising Appeal Letter Generator

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