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Fund Raising Appeal Letter

This type of appeal letter to raise funds for some noble cause would probably be addressed to interested generous people, possible donors, & the wealthy ones who willingly contribute etc. This would specify the date of programme organized; purpose to raise the funds, any profitable interest dwelling, publicity etc to be briefed up.


Mr. Narayan Murthy.

Rocket Sales Corporation,

46/B, Landmark Avenue,

Hiranandani Gardens,

Powai Lake Road.

17th Sept’ 2010.

Subject: Request to put forward an appeal to raise funds for a noble cause.

Dear Mr. Murthy.

We find immense pleasure to organize our Helping Hands Fest in its ninth year in a row. It is an esteemed part to have privileged ones like you who beyond just contributing in monetary terms also support in all of our activities & do the needful in all the possible ways.

In relation to the recent telephonic conversation, making this appeal to fund & act as an associate sponsor for the said event to be scheduled in the next month.

Sir, in its ninth year we have planned for some bigger & larger celebrations for the special ones & reach out to the limitless crowd; which is only possible on the funds raised by generous ones like you.

Thanks & Regards,

Kartik Shetty.

(Authorized Signatory).

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