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Health Insurance Appeal Letter

Health insurance letter is written by person who has taken an insurance policy from any of the insurance company. By writing health insurance appeal letter the person can make an appeal with the insurance company to settle his medical expenses. To avail such benefit a person needs to pay all his monthly premiums on time. Health insurance appeal letter consist detail information of policy which has been taken by the person.

Mr. Terry H. Patty

Chief Executive Officer- Health Insurance Department

Met Life Health Insurance Company Pvt. Ltd

4277 Crow-field Road

Gilbert, AZ 85233

02 September, 2010.


Dear, Mr. Patty

I am Mrs. Amy C. Hinton making an appeal with your health insurance company. I have got admitted to Bridge Candy Hospital in New York because I am suffering from Heart Attack I have got a serious attack and due to which I had to undergo for a heart transplant surgery which is to be done at the earliest after the operation I cannot move myself therefore I am writing this letter to you in advance. The entire cost of surgery is approximately around $50000 which includes hospital bill and medicine expenses. I have taken a special health care insurance policy from your insurance company for which my policy number is HI-875021.

I am ready to help you with regards to all necessary documents needed by you. Please prefer my case in a very special manner because the amount has to be paid to the hospital authority before my discharge which is on 15th October, 2010.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Amy C. Hinton

1224 Lynn Street

Cambridge, MA 02141

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