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Health Insurance Appeal Letter

Health insurance letters aim to bring to justice to the undue delay that the health insurance agencies cause. Sometimes the letter is also written when they are found hiding facts or figures at the time of enrolling, to get more clients.

  • First and foremost state the case directly
  • Make your righteous claims supported by all the facts and figures
  • Making a direct presentation of your case will make it all the more strong
  • The language should be simple
  • You should write in such a manner that there should not be any space for doubts
  • You should present your case in such a balanced manner that the appellate authority should feel it genuine

Health Insurance Appeal Letter Template

Use our free Health Insurance Appeal Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.






Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject – _______________________(Mention the purpose)

Respected _______(Name)

I am _____ (Your Name) is writing this letter to appeal to bring me justice in the form of providing the requisite amount for my wife’s hospital expenses and address my case and dispose it at the earliest so that I may get my deserved due. It is pathetic that a client like me who never defaulted in my payment modules is being made to suffer like this. I hope the higher appellate body like you will put forward a positive help you get me my due amount in cash to bear the hospital expenses. Hope you will expedite the process of delivering justice to me at the earliest

Thanking you.


Name and signature

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Health Insurance Appeal Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format







Subject: Health insurance appeal letter

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that I have enrolled in the health insurance programlast year and what they promise is entirely different from what they preach. I have not defaulted payment even for once; still they are trying to screw me down by not making my payment on time. My wife is undergoing a surgery and I am in need of liquid cash for medicine, hospital expenses and others. In the letter enclosed herewith, the insurance agency has promised to pay for all such types of expenses and when we demand at the time of emergency what they offer is nothing but sort of lame excuse. If this is the ethics that the health insurance companies are keeping towards their clients, what I can say in this regards is sorry. I have approached and telephoned them several times but what they say is that my case is pending before higher officials in the agency and it will have to pass through many stages to sanction the amount of repayment.

I humbly request you to take necessary action to make my amount be paid to me at the earliest

Yours sincerely,

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Mina Vani

Email Format

Dear, Mr. Patty

I am Mrs. Amy C. Hinton making an appeal with your health insurance company. I have got admitted to Bridge Candy Hospital in New York because I am suffering from Heart Attack I have got a serious attack and due to which I had to undergo for a heart transplant surgery which is to be done at the earliest after the operation I cannot move myself therefore I am writing this letter to you in advance. The entire cost of surgery is approximately around $50000 which includes hospital bill and medicine expenses. I have taken a special health care insurance policy from your insurance company for which my policy number is HI-875021.

I am ready to help you with regards to all necessary documents needed by you. Please prefer my case in a very special manner because the amount has to be paid to the hospital authority before my discharge which is on 15th October, 2010.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Amy C. Hinton

1224 Lynn Street

Cambridge, MA 02141

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