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Charity Appeal Letter Sample

While writing appeal letter for charity keep in mind that convince someone for making charity or donation is not simple task. Emotions are good, but logic is what works with most people when they come across appeal letters. A good way of convincing the reader about your cause for appeal is to logically present the facts. When you are stating facts it is easy to make a logical and clear statement. Always remember to thank the reader for the time and effort he/she has taken to go through your letter before signing off.

Mr. Jackie P. Snider

Chief Executive Officer-Galaxy Associate Pvt. Ltd

2812 Grim Avenue

San Diego, CA 92073

10 September 2010


Dear, Mr. Jackie

On behalf of ST. Anthony’s school I am writing this appeal letter to you stating that we are organizing a dance event. This will be Inter school Champaign ship and every school needs to pay certain entrance fee. The money collected from this event through entrance fees will be donated to the ST. Anthony’s Orphan Home. To arrange this event we require some fund hence we want to make an appeal to you that please support us from your side by providing us some amount of money. You are running such highly well established company and you are associated with many charitable trusts we believe that you will definitely help us. Please make charity for us of as much amount as you can and take the blessings to these orphan children’s. Your kind support will be highly appreciable.

Mr. Tim S. Martinez

Principle-St. Anthony’s Scholl

4073 Twin House Lane

Pierce City, MO 65723

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