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Appreciation Letter to Vendor

Write Receiver’s name along with his or her designation to be written on the top of the letter. Give all details about his company such as name of the company, address and contact details. Then specifically mention the reason for appreciating the reader in subject line. After subject line write salutation along with reader’s name. Explain your gestures and true feelings for appreciating the reader in main body of the letter. Then close the letter with your name, designation and address.

Mr. Christopher A. Au
Chief Executive Officer
Tata Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd

1954 Court right Street

Fargo, ND 58103

24 September 2010


Dear, Mr. Christopher

I am Ms. Leigh G. Deavers manager of human resources department British airways Pvt. Ltd honored to inform you that our airline is celebrating its successful silver jubilee. Our airline ranked number second on International Airline Travel Association’s list. As our company shares strong and very old business relationship with your consultancy we want to join us in this prestigious occasion. Our airline had outsourced all its process such as revenue accounting, ticketing and reservation and customer services with your consultancy. And it is a history that your company has always maintained good impression on us by providing accurately and specific work on or before the given period of time. Our team of managers really appreciates your work. Thus kindly pass on my message to all your employees that we appreciate their hard work and invite all of you for the silver jubilee party.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Leigh G. Deavers
Manager Human Resource
British Airways Pvt. Ltd

3646 Glory Road

Nashville, TN 37201

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