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Appreciation to an Employee

Appreciation letter should be written by the higher authorized personality addressing to an employee with regards to appreciating him/her on his/her achievement in the organization. Appreciation letters are always formal letters so is has to be written in sincere and professional manner. By writing this letter the company thanked its employee and motivates him/her for more growth in future.

Mr. Sergio A. Amato

Customer Relation Manager

Galaxy Hotel Pvt. Ltd

1800 Marshville Road

Marlboro, NY 12542

23 September 2010


Dear, Mr. Sergio

I am Ms. Berta C. Dodson General Manager of behalf of the management of Galaxy Hotel Pvt. Ltd congratulates you and appreciates you for on your success and achievement. Through your sincerity, hard work and dedication towards your work you have prove that you are one of the sincere employees of our hotel. As you are aware of it that on last weekend some VIP guest visited to our hotel and they lost their baggage for which they were claiming on us. Even though our hotel was not responsible for lost baggage they were misbehaving with our staff. At that time you looked into the matter and you had solved it very impressively. Thus our management is very proud on you and giving you appreciation bonus of Rupees 10,000. Kindly accept this bonus cheuq attached with this letter and continue your dedication and sincerity towards your work in future as well.

With Best Wishes

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Berta C. Dodson

General Manager

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