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Client Appreciation Letter

An appreciation letter is formal and thank you type of letter thus the tone to be used in writing this letter is warm and polite. Where as thank you letters are to be written in personal situations but appreciation letters are to be written in business and professional situations. The letter should be written in a way that it praise about the reader’s achievement or success. And encourage him/her to do the same work in future as well.

Mr. Paul V. Page

Customer Relationship Manager

Capital Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd

3339 Jarvisville Road

Manhattan, NY 10016

24 September 2010


Dear, Mr. Paul

This letter is with reference to your project given to us for writing 2000 letters. My company and my team is highly appreciate your gestures that previously you had given us a limit of only ten days to finish this work but know the time has been extended from ten days to a months time. Thank you so much for this support and I assure you that your work would be completed on or before the dead line given to us by you. We had requested to you for expanding our time limit just for the sake of accuracy level. Our company is highly known for its accuracy rather than just meeting the target. Our first preference is to give 100% accurate data to our clients but it does not mean that we would require further time for this work. It’s my promise to you that the work would get completed on or before this month end. I appreciate you help and support once again thank you so much for you kindness.

Thanking You

Yours truly,

Mr. Steven A. Cole

1077 Lowndes Hill Park Road

Bakersfield, CA 93307

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