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Job Appreciation Letter

Today in this competitive world, there are many people who strive really hard to get a job. Job is a must to live our life in this toughest world. Without job one cannot earn penny which is very much necessary for our daily bread. There are various basic needs which can be fulfilled only when we have money and money comes from working. Hence when someone in this whole world when you are alone helps you get a job even when it is little pay has to be appreciated for helping you in your bad days.

William K. Boyle

2049 John Daniel Drive
Argyle, MO 65001

24th October 2010.

Subject: Job appreciation letter.

Dear William,

Your enthusiasm and your ability to motivate others has resulted in a significant increase in the company’s productivity and profitability.

Our company appreciates your efforts and the assistance you offer to your co-workers. You have earned the respect of both your superiors and your peers. Two months ago the time you join I still remember that date, our stock records and bank reconciliation status was in a total mess. Thanks to you if you will not here then we can’t give our tax in time.

Please accept my sincerest gratitude for your superior work in the service department.

Yours Faithfully,

Jay L. Kennedy

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