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Retirement Appreciation Letter

Any employee when spends his whole life into any organization, it feels very much loneliness when he leaves the office permanently due to retirement. The management expresses their good wishes and conveys their thanks to the employee by organizing a big get together. This day of retirement is one of the precious moments in the whole world to the employee because this is the only day when the employee experiences the love and respect attached towards the colleagues working with him.

Heather J. Hume
413 N Webster St
Red Cloud, NE 68970-2466

26th October 2010.

Subject: Retirement appreciation letter.

Dear Heather,

After 30 years of service here at Eastwood Company as Vice President, it is hard to believe that you have reached retirement. It is tough for me to see you going today, but congratulations on your retirement.

During your tenure our company has witnessed numerous turbulent situations. You ensured a sound solution to each such problem with your dedication, discipline and hard work. We are grateful for all your dedications and are left with no words for appreciation. Your efforts have helped this company grow to the position it enjoys today. We hope you have enjoyed being here. My eyes are wet at this moment of time when you are leaving us.

Wish you good health and all the luck.

Yours Faithfully,

Rebecca H. Rivera.

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