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Scholarship Appreciation Letter

The objective of writing this letter is to appreciate that student who has studied hard to get scholarship for his future studies. It is a moment of pride for parents also. The student really feels great when he gets awarded with scholarship. Scholarship is a way of helping meritorious students who are not monetary strong but are very sincere in their studies. It should be our responsibility to appreciate their efforts and hard work.

Few tips need to be considered for writing a scholarship appreciation letter:

  1. First and foremost it is vital to appreciate the student for his sheer hard work.
  2. You must mention in your letter that his efforts have only made him deserving for the scholarship.
  3. Tone of letter should carry warmth in your words and leave a personal impact in reader’s mind.
  4. Once you are through writing the letter, please recheck the same for amendments, if needed.

Scholarship Appreciation Letter Sample



Peter Churchill


JJS Institute of Technology


Date (Date on which letter is written)


Hillary Clinton


JJS Institute of Technology

Sub: Letter of appreciation

Dear Peter,

It is really a privilege for me to award a scholarship to a meritorious student like you. You have really studied hard and you truly deserve this. I whole heartedly appreciate you for the efforts you have put in completing the semester with excellent marks and made our University ranked no.2 in the Education today magazine of Sweden. I know you are not financially strong but I salute your spirit that you studied day and night to get this scholarship. I am sure now there will not be any problem for you to continue with your studies. Your parents must be feeling proud of you.

I once again would like to congratulate you and your family on such a major achievement of yours and wish that with your sincere efforts, you should touch the heights of success in your career.

Yours truly’

Hillary Clinton

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