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Confirming Attendance Letter

These types of letters seem to be informal but actually they are formal business invitation letters. Such letters should be polite.  This letter is written by the General Manager of a Company who is been invited for a launch party of a software of an IT company. This letter is addressed to the manager of the IT Company. The General Manager who is the invitee thanks the manager of the IT Company for inviting for the launch of the new software.


Lucille J. Clements,

Project Manager,

Software Tech Company,

1420 Larry Street
Milwaukee, WI 53221

20th January 2011.

Dear Clements,

I am very glad to receive the invitation you have sent for your launch party of new software. I am pleased to inform you that I shall be able to attend your new software launch party. It would be prestigious for me to attend the event conducted by such a well known and reputed company.

I congratulate you from heart with best wishes.

I shall look forward to meet you on 25th January.


Lynne N. Livingston
(General Manager)
(InfoTech Groups)

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