Sample Confirming-Attendance Letter

Summary: A letter for confirming attendance will ensure that the recepient will confirm his/her presence in a certain event. It must be written with the complete details and be personal in approach. This letter serves also as a confirmation, you have received the invitation letter, and this is one way that they can estimate their expected guests. If you are writing this letter, use the sample below as your guide.


Lawrence Brown,

Project Supervisor,

Solid Group Corp.,

Louis Road


6th September ‘09.

Dear Mr. Brown,

I have already received your invitation for me to witness the (inauguration of your new business). I am v ery happy to confirm that I will be attending the said event. It is my honor to be invited by you and I will always be greatful for your gesture. I am very happy to be your business partner as well and I am looking forward to seeing this new business of yours grow. I assure you that you will always have my support and if there is anything that I can do to assist you as you start this new business, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be there to assist you. You can always call me at my office phone or on my mobile phone.

Goodluck to this new business and May you succeed in this venture.

I am hoping to be able to meet you on the (23rd of September).


(Elma Saint)


(Metropolitan Ltd.)

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