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Books Charity Letter

A books charity letter is addressed to any organization or a charity to donate or requesting for books for relief work or to help those people who are in need of books. The letter should be genuine and be dispatched with necessary proof so the recipient is convinced of the genuineness of the letter. It usually contains the exact details about the books donated.

Tips for writing a books charity letter

Here are a list of tips to help you write effective charity donation letters

It is always better to type the letter so that there are no spelling mistakes and problems caused due to bad or illegible handwriting.

Provide all the necessary details –  Provide all the details necessary for the reader to completely understand what is the purpose and what your plan is.

Introduce your organization –  Talk briefly about your organization and the role played by  the organization. Other credentials like credentials of the organization, past success and general information about your organization.

Clearly state your donation – Be sure to state the donation amount clearly. It will be helpful to the recipient to know what donation he will be receiving.

Always use a professional tone –  Remember to always maintain a professional tone when writing a charity letter.

Thank the reader or organization for their consideration, time and help.

Always remember to use a positive tone. It helps a lot.

You can include how the payments will be made to the charity.

Keep the letter short and simple

Books Charity Letter Sample


Mr. Keith Lowry

1722 Gore Street

Houston, CA 92643


Subject: Goods Charity Letter

Dear Mr. Keith,

I am Mr. Timothy C. Kelly Vice President of the United Welfare Association and would like to inform you about the opening of a library for small and needy children. As Shakespeare Book house has a huge collection of great books and these books are in high demand by the children, we request you to please make a charity of some books from your book house. The books will be of great use to these small children. As you have shown great interest in giving back to the society we are writing to you asking for your donation. Kindly accept our honorable request and do the needful.

Yours truly,


Mr. Timothy C. Kelly

Vice President

United Welfare Association

Raleigh, NC 26789

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