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Charity Donation Letter Sample

Helping the people in need is the stately contribution for the society. There are many organizations that are performing very well for the upliftment of the people in need. But they can do anything with funds so it is our duty to help them by funding according to our limits. When you are sending a donation write a letter for it to show your interest so that they may feel great for their work.

Here is a charity donation letter sample:


Lara Crimpson,

A30, Avenue Apartments,

Dutchess, New York


Mr. Mark Williams,


AIDS Relief Work Society,


12th May, 2010

Dear Mr. Williams,

After reading a newspaper report about the charity work carried by your organization towards the AIDS orphans, I too would like to make my sincere contribution in your relief and development agency, which serves the AIDS orphans in Nigeria. I am deeply moved with the present situation of these children and keenly interested in doing something for them in any ways.

I am enclosing a cheque of $1000 with this letter and hope this amount helps you and your organization to uplift and help the needy people. Besides monetary help I can forward you the names of some voluntary agencies in my country along with the names of some persons who will help you in this noble cause. In future you are invited to ask any sort of assistance required from my side, I would be grateful if I can be of any help to you and your organization.

Thank You,


Lara Crimpson

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