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Charity Letter for an Event

This type of letter is written by any social organization to get some fund for poor people. Generally, these letters are written to rich people who have a very high status in the society. In this type of letter the sender, have to mention that the announcement of the letter will be made in a public gathering.

Mr. Vijay Mallya,

69, Hitler road,

German street,


Dear Mr. Mallya,

Our organization, The Social Group is planning to keep a charity event on 15th august on account of Independence Day. This function is organized to raise money for supporting orphan children. Most of the celebrities from all across India are invited in this event. The funds raised will be beneficial to orphans and in providing higher education to poor students who have zeal in them to study.

Our organization had organized such function before for funeral and health care awareness. This charity event offers an opportunity to the individual who wants to donate and help poor. Our organization also supports in motivating women by providing them support needed to them. There are stalls put up from where you can buy things and help these children’s. I hope you will be present in the event.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,


Social Group.

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