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Charity Letter for Old Age Home Center

This letter is address to the specific personality instead of a company or organization. Because making a charity cannot be the entire organizations decision it has to be decided by a single person. Hence writer should convey a message of charity through this letter to a person whom he is approaching for charity. Name and address along with the exact subject line have to be written on the top of the letter for better understanding of the receiver. Brief explanation about the cause for charity need to written in the main Para.

Mr. Donald L. Hernandez

Director-St. Peter’s Old Age Home

2993 Spring Street

Mount Zion, IL 62549

08 September, 2010


Dear, Mr. Donald

I am Mr. Travis M. Russo living in the nearby area of your old age home. Everyday I saw old man’s and women’s at your old age home and I feel so sorry for them. Parents are our strength even though some children forgot this and they made such mistake by leaving their strength in old age homes. I feel so ashamed on such children’s and their mistake cannot be forgiven. I from my side want to do something for these old age home member therefore I want to donate 20% of my monthly income to your old age home every month. I know money is not enough for them thus I want to take permission from you that if you permit me I want to spent 1 hour daily with all the member’s of your old age home. Kindly accept my charity and request.

Yours truly,

Mr. Travis M. Russo

4988 Asylum Avenue

Waterbury, CT 06702

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