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Charity Letter for Old Age Home Center

A charity letter is addressed to any business firm, organization or to any individual person to help donate money for helping people in old age home centers.

The letter should be genuine and be dispatched with necessary proof so the recipient is convinced of the genuineness of the letter.

It is always better to type the letter so that there are no spelling mistakes and problems caused due to bad or illegible handwriting.

Provide all the necessary details – Provide all the details necessary for the reader to completely understand what is the purpose and what your plan is.

Introduce your organization – Talk briefly about your organization and the role played by the organization. Other credentials like credentials of the organization, past success and general information about your organization.

Clearly state your idea – Be sure to state the idea clearly. Any indecision casts doubts on the minds of the readers. Clarity improves the chances of obtaining charity sources.

Avoid giving wrong information – Provide information to the reader only if it correct and authenticate. Never lie or provide wrong information to convince readers.

Always use a professional tone – Remember to always maintain a professional tone when writing a charity letter.

Say thank you – Always use polite language and remember to say thank you. Explain how helpful it will be for the recipients of the charity.

Always remember to use a positive tone. It helps a lot.

While ending the letter a thank you note to all should be mentioned. That would make a positive impact.

Keep it simple and to the point. Limit the letter to one page if possible.

Charity Letter for Old Age Home Center Template

Use our free Charity Letter for Old Age Home Center to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


Receiver’s Name
Receiver’s Title
Receiver’s Organization
Receiver’s Address

Subject: ________________[Mention the subject]

Dear [Mention the name of recipient]

As a member of the ___________[Mention the organization] whose main purpose is to help old age home centers. Old age home centers around the city have a tough time collecting funds for their maintenance and upkeep. We have decided to help a couple of old age homes by ____________[Mention how you will be helping the old age homes].

We are writing to you asking you for your contribution. Any donation will be extremely helpful to the old people. It would help in keeping them hale and healthy while making sure they are happy.

Thanking you,


Yours truly,
Your Name
Your Organization
Your Phone Number
Your Email


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Charity Letter for Old Age Home Center Sample, Email and Example/Format


Mr. Donald L. Hernandez
Director – St. Peter’s Old Age Home
2933 Spring Street,
Mount Zion, IL 63458

Subject: Charity Letter for old age home center

Dear Mr. Donald,

I am Mr. Travis M. Russo living in the nearby area of your old age home. Everyday I see old men and women at the home and I feel sorry for them. Old people are gems that are to be respected and taken care of.

I from my side would like to do something for the members of the old age home center. I will be donating 20% of my monthly income to your home every month. Kindly accept this small contribution from me.


Yours truly,
Mr. Travis M. Russo
4886 Asylum Avenue
Waterbury, CT 06702


Email Format

This letter is address to the specific personality instead of a company or organization. Because making a charity cannot be the entire organizations decision it has to be decided by a single person.

Hence writer should convey a message of charity through this letter to a person whom he is approaching for charity.

Name and address along with the exact subject line have to be written on the top of the letter for better understanding of the receiver. Brief explanation about the cause for charity need to written in the main Para.

Dear, Mr. Donald

I am Mr. Travis M. Russo living in the nearby area of your old age home. Everyday I saw old man’s and women’s at your old age home and I feel so sorry for them. Parents are our strength even though some children forgot this and they made such mistake by leaving their strength in old age homes.

I feel so ashamed on such children’s and their mistake cannot be forgiven. I from my side want to do something for these old age home member therefore I want to donate 20% of my monthly income to your old age home every month.

I know money is not enough for them thus I want to take permission from you that if you permit me I want to spent 1 hour daily with all the member’s of your old age home. Kindly accept my charity and request.


Yours truly,
Mr. Travis M. Russo


Charity Letter for Old Age Home Center Generator

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