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Charity Letter for School

This is a letter written to a school by a person or an organization who wishes to help the school by donating money or other items. Money is donated mostly to school for orphans or mentally challenged children. This should be concise and genuine. It may or may not contain the exact amount donated.

Tips for writing an effective charity letter

Here are a list of tips to help you write effective charity donation letters

It is always better to type the letter so that there are no spelling mistakes and problems caused due to bad or illegible handwriting.

Provide all the necessary details –  Provide all the details necessary for the reader to completely understand what is the purpose and what your plan is.

Introduce your organization –  Talk briefly about your organization and the role played by  the organization. Other credentials like credentials of the organization, past success and general information about your organization.

Clearly state your donation – Be sure to state the donation amount clearly. It will be helpful to the recipient to know what donation he will be receiving.

Always use a professional tone –  Remember to always maintain a professional tone when writing a charity letter.

Thank the reader or organization for their consideration, time and help.

Always remember to use a positive tone. It helps a lot.

You can include how the payments will be made to the charity.

Keep the letter short and simple

Charity Letter for School  Sample


Joseph C. Wary

Dean-Rupert Institution

55 Vesta Drive

Lombard, IL 60125

Subject: Donation for school

I came to know about your school a few days ago and I am very glad and hope your hard work takes this school to greater heights every year. The best feature of your school is that the school admits only the poor and orphans who can’t afford to pay for their education. I also came to know that your school runs mainly on charity. I admire and respect the kind of work you have been doing and would like to make my sincere contribution to the school.

I would like to donate a sum of 3000$. The amount might not benefit all the students but at least some children will be benefited by it. Please feel free to ask me for any other favors too as I would love to help your cause.

Thanking you.

Your faithfully,

Walter K. Blackwelder

270 Tibbs Avenue

Cooke City, MT 59020

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