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Charity Letter Format

This kind of format for charity letter would most probably be addressed by any aspiring institution, trust or firm operating on similar lines; with a view to express contribution as monetary fund for charity for any function, event, as a dignified reason on human relation grounds. This would indicate the purpose, mode & any related correspondence if any to be concussed up.

Sender’ Full Name,

Designation or (working in capacity of),

J.K.L.M. Charitable Trust (Regd),

24 Daffodils, Hiranandani Estate,

Powai Lake Road.

9th Sept’ 2010.

Receiver’s Full Name if known (with salutation as Mr./Ms/Mrs.)

Designation or (working in capacity of),

Address for correspondence.

Instance: 26, Ballard Estate,

Fort, Mumbai.

Dear Mr. /Ms/Mrs. Last Name of Receiver if known or even Sir/Madam;

The opening lines in the first paragraph should have a brief introduction of the sender of the letter. If writing on someone’s behalf or representing any trust, firm or an organization, briefly initiate it as well. Be concise and to the point.

The following second paragraph should state the purpose of drafting the letter. Reveal the best of the past activities & tasks performed by the trust. Be clear and add the specifications if necessary. Never ever directly demand for any sum amount. Always leave it to the discretion of the giver to convince as to voluntarily contribute for some noble cause. Lastly looking forward for a positive response.

Thanks & Warm Regards.


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