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Sample Charity Letter

This letter is addressed to any organization or a business firm or to any individual person to help and donate money for the relief work or to help those people who are displaced by natural disasters or who are in need of funds. This letter should be genuine and should be dispatched with adequate proof so that the reader should be convinced that the letter is genuine.

Kari R. Tuttle

48 Sardis Station
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Subject: sample charity letters

Hi, I am Wendy Stultz and I live in your neighborhood. We are group of friends who try to do our bit for the orphan children in our city every year. This time we have decided to try and help them by giving them books, helping them out with medical facilities by bringing medical practitioners and test them for various possible infections. This requires a lot of money and we being the students cannot afford this beyond a certain limit.

In this way, we can try and bring a little smile on the face of these children’s who have suffered a lot in life. Thus, we are making a humble request to you to try and help us out in any possible way, be it money or through providing services. It will be a lot of help to us. Hence, this is a sincere plea to you to help us, as much is possible from your side.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Wendy J. Stultz

2279 Aaron Smith Drive
Enola, PA 17025

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